Can Teenagers Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants?

The loss of teeth is a widespread issue in the US. Although elderly people are more prone to it, anybody may have it. The good news is that smiles may be restored with a variety of tooth replacement methods. Can kids who are missing teeth have dental implants, even though they are favored by dentists due to their numerous advantages? Find out from your Beverly implant dentist by reading on.

Do Dental Implants Require a Certain Age?

Dental implants may be placed at any age since everyone develops at a different pace. While some individuals need to wait until age 21, others may be prepared for dental implants as early as age 17 or 18. Teenagers are often not suitable candidates for dental implants since they are still growing and developing, which might obstruct the procedure and perhaps lead to problems in the future.

A dental implant may fail if it is inserted before the jawbone has finished developing. Many oral surgeons and dentists prefer to wait until the bones are completely formed since inserting dental implants is a complicated process. The bone will harden in this manner, becoming ready to support a dental implant. Visit this page to learn more about dental procedure prices in Tijuana.

What Alternatives for Teens Regarding Tooth Replacement Exist?

Teenagers don't have to go about with holes in their smiles owing to tooth loss since they aren't yet ready for dental implants. Until kids reach an age when dental implants are a better alternative, there are a number of tooth replacement solutions that may be sufficient:

Full dentures:

One to many artificial teeth may be included in a partial denture, which may have a plastic foundation or a metal framework. Every time you wash your teeth, it should be taken out and cleaned since it features clasps that fit around the natural teeth to provide support. Partial dentures might be a fantastic, temporary or affordable option to a bridge or implant for certain people.

Tooth bridge

One of the most dependable tooth loss treatments is also one of the easiest. In order to support artificial teeth that bridge the gap, two dental crowns are affixed to the teeth on each side of the missing ones. Depending on the patient's desires, they may be created to be fixed or detachable, and your dentist can even provide an implant-retained bridge to give the best aesthetic and fit currently possible.

Dental implants may not be the best choice now if you're a youngster or the parent of a teen who is missing teeth, but there are still alternative solutions available. Make an appointment with your Tijuana dentist to find out whether implants are now the best option for you.

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