Changing Headlights on New Cars: Some Advice

Replace your headlights as part of routine auto maintenance. Although most headlight replacements may be done by the owner in the driveway, not all of them are created equal, particularly in more recent models of automobiles where a lot can be crammed into a tiny area. The following advice will help you headlight replacement in your vehicle, truck, or SUV.

1. Do not wait for headlight bulbs to go out

There are warning indicators to watch for when it's time to replace headlights, even if sometimes you don't even notice a headlight is burnt out until someone informs you. A bulb is definitely going out if it flickers or seems dim.

If you discover your headlight bulbs aren't exactly functioning anymore, change them out for safety's sake. It makes sense to replace both at once since if one fails, the other is probably not long after.

2. Select the Correct Bulb

Making ensuring you have the proper bulbs is the first step in replacing the headlights. Consult the owner's handbook to determine precisely which parts to purchase, and then visit your neighborhood car dealership. Ask the professionals for assistance in locating the ideal bulb if you can't find it on the list.

3. Keep Your Hands Off the Bulb

Never touch the bulb while replacing headlights. Headlights operate at high temperatures, and as those bulbs warm up, the natural oils on your fingertips may become problematic. To prevent fingerprints on the bulb while handling it, use a cloth or cotton gloves.

Wait to open the packaging until you're ready to install the bulbs in order to keep them clean. Even if you touch the bulb, nothing is lost. Just use a little rubbing alcohol to clean it off and get rid of the oil before you put the bulb in your automobile.

4. Getting to the Headlights

Open the hood, and behind your headlights, take a thorough look into the engine. To see the headlight itself, there probably has to be a shield removed. After removing the shield, you'll notice a harness with the headlight bulb, which has to be unclipped.

Reinstall everything after replacing the new bulb, being careful not to contact it with your fingers. You may drive after making sure the headlights function. It is that simple.

5. When Room Is Limited

Many engine compartments are cramped, so you may need to remove other parts before you can access the headlights. Once again, refer to the owner's handbook for instructions on how to proceed. If you do everything in the right order, you’ll have new headlights installed in no time.

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